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Hello Everyone!

I have returned!  Please feel welcome and sign my guest book. 


You are welcome to look at the books I have available, and if you get my book from this site, I get a better portion. 


I can see I haven't been here in a long time and so traffic has dwindled.  I understand, and I will be honest.  My visits for a while will be sporadic.  I started school in January last year and between classes and work, my schedule is very full.  See my pictures for updates from my classes, Drawing and Photography, I'll post images as I can. 


The Photo pages are getting revamped, so if you look and they don't work, please be patient.  I have a nicely growing body of work that I want to show you, and uploading takes time.  Try refreshing the page or coming back later.  Thank you for your patience. 


** Actually, one of the hazards of using a free service, I'm running out of space.  I have deleted a lot of pictures, yet the space isn't refreshing.  I am using Viewbook, but at the moment it is a trial.  I am also starting another webs page, just for photography.  So, to see what I'm working on in pictures click either link below:


Jen Steffen Photography on Viewbook or Jen Steffen Photography on Webs


I'm still writing, but not as much.  I have a story, For the Love of Pete coming out in an anthology from Wicked East Press, Bag of Tales Anthology.  I'll put it up on here as soon as it comes out. 


I've posted my Machine of Death story so please look at it and let me know what you think. 


Right now, The Other Side is the only novel I have available, but I am still considering releasing Finding Elise.  I am also still working on getting The Other Side on e-book format.


In the meantime, check out the anthologies listed and have fun on the site.


Sorry, I'm Late is in Pill Hill Press's Daily Bites of Flesh anthology.  The book is available on their website, title links to it.  It is $22.49

Trouble and When the Snow Falls from her Eyes are in Pill Hill Press's Daily Flash 2011, also available on their website.  It is also $22.49


Both of these anthologies are for the love and the exposure, so I don't get anything for them.  What I would love, in that case, is a comment here or a review on my novel site on Amazon mentioning my work and what you though of it.  I would love to know.


My short story, Brand New Lover, is in House of Horror's Stitched Up!  anthology.  Unfortunately, that publication no longer exists, therefore, you can no longer get the anthology.


My short story, Time Away, has been accepted to Wicked East Press's Hannibal's Manor and is currently available for purchase.  See blurb below.

The Other Side is still available on Amazon.  Thank you for your support and for more information, check my blog.


 Picture links to the page.  Also find it on Create Space: 

But if you would be so kind, I would love you to order it here.  Here is where I get the most royalties.  If you are uncomfortable with me sending you the book, you can order it from Create Space.  I get better royalties there than I do from Amazon.

One request: Please, if you would go to Amazon and post a review.  I have gotten some great feedback and a few of you have posted reviews.  The more reviews I get the higher on the list I go.  That way more people see my book when they search.  Thank you so much for your support.  It means a lot to me.  And I am so happy that you like the book!

*If you are local in Minneapolis and want to pick up the book, DO NOT check out here.  Send me an e-mail and let me know where you would like to pick it up.  I will do my best to accommodate you.

**If you are ordering the book to be shipped, but would like it signed, please put that in the instructions on the paypal order form and who you would like the book signed to.  Thank you.




 Available now from the Pill Hill Press bookstore:

 Hannibal's Manor

Edited by Jessica A. Weiss

We lock them up.
We don't understand them.
We wish they would go away.
We try to  hide the things that make us jump.
What happens when they get out? Will they  come looking for you? Where will you be safe from their insanity?
Find out in  this collection of 17 short stories and a new novella by Charles Day. But first... Did you lock the deadbolt?
Available for $14.49 plus $7.99 shipping.  All orders $25.00 and up are free to ship, so buy a couple and give one as a gift!  


  This is an anthology of speculative fiction, including scifi, fantasy, and horror.

 From the website: Pill Hill Press


Daily Flash 2011

DAILY FLASH 2011: 365 DAYS OF FLASH FICTION is a 2011 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 365 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers.

The book is $22.49 + $7.99 shipping, orders over $25.00 are free to ship, though, so look around and see if there is another book that strikes your interest and support small press.



This is an anthology of horror fiction mainly featuring creature horror, zombies and vampires.

 From the website: Pill Hill Press

 Daily Bites of Flesh

DAILY BITES OF FLESH 2011: 365 DAYS OF HORRIFYING FLASH FICTION is a 2011 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less horror short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 365 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers of the horror genre. 


The book is $22.49 + $7.99 shipping, orders over $25.00 are free to ship, though, so maybe you would like to get both anthologies and save the shipping.  Support small press.


Works in progress:


 The Magic Key (2008); Between a Rock and Oblivion (2004); Finding Elise (2009); Somewhere I Belong (2010)


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