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Baby NaNoWriMo!

Posted on November 18, 2011 at 5:50 PM

NaNoWriMo update: both my kids are doing it this year with me!  I find it absolutely incredible that my son, 5 years old and in Kindergarten, is doing it.  My daughter signed up on the actual NaNo site, so her goal is 50k.  Unfortunately, she's letting life and a love of reading get in her way of writing and so she's stuck at just under 5k.  My son didn't want to do it until I told him it was a contest and he could win.  He loves to win and when he asked what the prize was, I told him it was nice certificate that said Winner!  Needless to say, he got very excited and we signed him on the Young Writer's site.  His writing goal is 200 words this month, and despite starting late, he is just over half way with 117 words.  He's written two short stories based on Mario of Super Mario Bros fame.  Read them, corrected by me, the originals are hand written and in lovely Kindergarten script, spelling and gramar in its original form.


My Mario Book

By Dylan


Mario flew away. Mario is now up to fly to garden.“Weeeeeee!” Mario is now in garden ready to go to the Lava galaxy. “Yippy!” Mariois at the Lava Galaxy. “Oh no.” Mario decided to go back. Mario won the game.The end. “zzzzzzzzzz”


My Mario Book 2

By Dylan


Mario went in the engine room. Mario is ready togo. Mario is flying to the Spiky galaxy. “Weeeeee!” Off he goes. “Yippy!” Kick,kick, kick.  Mario falls… kick, kick,kick. “Wooooooooo!” And dies.  “Woao.”Mario is dead. That’s ok, Mario was just knocked out. “Zzzzzzzzzz,” Mario fellasleep. “Zzzzzzzzz” Mario goes back to the Spiky galaxy. “Weeeeeee!” The end. “Woohoooooooo!”



His next book, My Mario Book 3, will be written soon and added to the word count.  My book is still coming hard, but at least I'm currently on track.  I still need to put in my words for today and we're contemplating dinner.  But as I have a 24 hour write-in tomorrow, I am confident I will not only catch up, but get ahead.  Watch the next blog as I will post my Machine of Death story.

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