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NaNoWriMo 2010!!!!!!

Posted on October 26, 2010 at 12:27 PM

First I want to apologize for not updating for more than two months.  I had meant to write a blog on 81's adventures at the Rennaisance Faire, but it got away from me, and I let it go.  Still, the pictures tell a good story, so please check them out.

The purpose of this blog is to alert you to the joy that is NaNoWriMo!

  The light will take you to this year's picture folder.  I had originally planned a hiatus to take time to edit/rewrite Between a Rock and Oblivion.  (That is still my first love.)  However, thanks to a little short story contest called The Accessible Future my brain came up with a story idea that would take much more than the 5000 words they had as a limit.  They put it together based on ideas put forth in Sarah Einstein's blog The Future Imperfect.

So far, this is my synopsis.  Naria has been born with a defect. In a city of people with heightened senses, she relies on her eyesight. Krydon is a Gyd, a race of quadrupeds who have befriended the humans that share their planet. He has a special friendship with Naria, and together they embark on a journey to find the right place for her. Together they leave Capitol City (name to come later), travel through the dark side of the planet, and search the towns on the way for a people that see like she does.

Central City is one of five cities on the dark side of (planet name to come) and all of the residents are blind. They have developed their other senses to adapt to life in the darkness without issue. On the border mountains, several towns have established a network over distances that allows them to be the messengers of the world. The people of these towns send ambassadors to either side of the world. These people of the mountains are all deaf. The Gyds that live in the mountains help them too, but they have a different relationship with them. On the light side of the planet, the cities are more widespread, but the people who live here have anything and everything that can be imagined. Here is where Naria will eventually find her place.


Above is the synopsis on my NaNoWriMo profile.  In a forum post, I expanded a bit.  The gist of the idea is a little bit sci fi, a little bit steampunk. The small planet obits its sun at the same rate it rotates, so it has a constant dark side.  The life there consists of three "breeds" of humanoids and several breeds of gydes, a quadrupedal, furry race that has befriended the humanoids. This planet also has two moons that orbit the planet at the same rate of the planet's rotation, so they seem to be stationary in the sky over the dark side, shedding their dim light.

The people of the dark side, the "Seers" are all blind, but they "see" in other ways. The people of the midland mountains are the "Deliverers" and are all deaf and mute. The people of the light side are the "Merchants" and they are the "normal" people we associate with normal, though some have other physical disabilities.As you can see, I've done a bit of world building, a bit of main character development.

Suffice it to say it's about a Seer girl born with sight, as in normal eye-sight and the dark side of the planet makes it a bit hard for her. Her best friend is a Gyd and the novel starts with them about to go on a journey to the light side of the planet where she will hopefully find her place, and make her future.

Heh, a girl and her dog go for a long walk to find a new home. XD So yeah, no coal here.


As the start day draws closer, I have more ideas, more world building come into play.  For instance, this world is fairly small, compared to Earth.  There is one ocean on the light side of the planet.  The period of the planet is a little futuristic, a little victorianesque.  There is a mass transit system run by the Merchants that connect the major cities of the three regions and most of the cities on the light side of the plant.  Naria and Krydon live in a rather remote village on the dark side, just outside a thisck wood.  They are not connected to the main mass transit.  In order to get to the light side, they have to cross the Midland Mountains, a mountain range that circles the planet at its meridian, separating the light and dark sides.

The people are by no means isolated according to region and there are Merchants and Deliverers that live on the dark side, just as there are Seers and Merchants in the mountains, and Seers and Deliverers on the light side.  The more remote the village, the less you will see of the others.  But once Naria and Krydon make it to Central City, they will see sights and people they haven't encountered before.

Vince is a parapalegic that Naria and Krydon meet in Central City.  He is a smooth talking, handsome man with a set of mechanichal legs that work using his body's energy.  His "nonfunctioning" legs fit into the sleeves of the mechanical legs and connecting straps, not completely unlike suspenders, transfer energy from his body based on what he eats to the legs to allow him to walk, run, pace.  He promises to help Naria and Krydon reach the light side.

What just came to me a few days ago, was that Naria needs to be special other than her eyesight.  The Seers, while they do not possess tridition al sight, see halos and auras to define their surroundings.  They can navigate the forest or their dark houses without injury because of this.  Naria doesn't have this ability, so she can't see anything.  Krydon brought her a light so she can.  But then it occured to me, maybe she can see within.  So Naria has a healing ability.  She can place her hands on the affliction and "see" how to fix it, and through her touch, she does it and the person is healed.  Vince wants to use this ability not to make himself whole again (his legs are pretty amazing) but to make his fortune.  So, Naria and Krydon will have to tread carefully and hold their trust until they fully know who they're dealing with.

Now I am going to be done here, mainly because I don't know how the ending will look, but also, if I give too much away, what fun is it reading the finished story?

Later for now and see you again next week, when I'll be writing like mad!

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